Creating a Canopy DEM from LiDAR

In a previous post, I described how to create a hybrid hillshade from a standard bare-earth DEM and a DEM including canopy.  Well, what if you don’t have a fancy canopy DEM? Do you have classified LiDAR data, or know where to get your hands on some? Then you are in luck! I’m here to walk you through the process of creating your very own canopy DEM in ArcGIS.


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MAPCITE Addin Update: Excellent Customer Service

As you may recall from my review of MAPCITE’s Excel Addin, I was having trouble with the polyline and poly shape features.  Originally, I was going to just update the original post with the response from customer service, but their amazing turnaround time merits a full-fledged followup post.  I had emailed customer service about my problem, and they responded the same day that they would forward it to the development team.  The next morning, their was an email in my inbox informing me that they had fixed the bug with the software and tested it.  I downloaded the new version and installed it, and I was able to make polygons and lines!

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